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Here is a look at a handful of the clothing choices in “Us,” with Peele explaining what they mean to the film.Tuxedo Shirt

The Wilsons’ son, Jason (played by Evan Alex), is seen in a long-sleeve shirt with a tuxedo print on the front. It’s a fun look for a character who is a bit of a performer and enjoys magic tricks, but there’s more to the boy. “I always thought of him as the mage of the group,” Peele said. “He’s young, but he has a wisdom. He sees and understands things that other people in his family don’t.”

Visually, Peele wanted a shirt for him that would contrast with the “Jaws” top Jason also wears. It’s like an arrow facing downward, as opposed to “Jaws,” an arrow facing upward. “This reflects the central battle between the monster rising up and those going down,” he said.‘Jaws’

Jason wears a “Jaws” shirt in one key scene partly because of Peele’s admiration for Steven Spielberg’s 1975 thriller.

“It could always be an argument for the best movie ever made,” he said. “One of the reasons it resonates is because it’s able to scare us, with this great feeling. It doesn’t bum you out, but it’s terrifying. To find that combination is special.”

He wanted to conjure that emotion for a beach sequence while paying tribute to the earlier film in several ways throughout “Us.”

Peele said that the shirt is a perfect representation of the theme of darkness rising from below, a shadow that can’t be seen at first but is imminent.

He had to get Spielberg’s permission to use the image. “He gave me his blessing and specified the design that he wanted for it,” Peele said.Black Flag

Shirts from the influential American punk band Black Flag show up more than once. The first time is in an early boardwalk scene that takes place in 1986. Then later, in a present-day sequence, one of the Wilsons’ twin neighbors wears the band’s tee as a cutoff. But the shirts aren’t just a celebration of punk.

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